April 5, 2013

A Good in A Good Bye

April already!
How come time can fly really fast these days. The national exam will come soon in the next two weeks and it means my high school is gonna be over soon. Knowing that I am going to leave one memorable phase of my life as a high school student is soooo sad. I am gonna miss my best friends, all the busy routines, and the euphoria during the school time. It is so unbelievable realizing that this moment will never be happened again someday. My role as a school student has been totally donem, and welcome college life!
If i were asked wether I had prepare myself well or not to continue the next phase of my life as a college student, I will probably not say yes I had. Sometimes I feel scared of it. Scared if it will not be like what I have thought of before.

The photos above were taken when I was visitting PIK for our school's yearbook photoshoot. The left one was on Momento, and the right one was on Capitea. Fyi, Capitea is highly-recommended for bubble milktea addicts for it tasted soooo delicious /nomnom
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March 16, 2013

Lost In Seoul

Hello there!
Sorry for not posting anything for a very long time because high school attempted to kill me slowly by exams everyday.  Being in senior year is really exhausting but I can't imagine that I will leave school soon. I am not totally ready to leave school, be a college student, and be separated with my friends </3
By the way, I posted some of the photos from my last trip to South Korea. Random pics taken on Everland, Yeoju Outlet, and Seoul.  Fyi, Everland is the most well-known Korean theme park and usually used as korean reality show/drama set such as We Got Married (teuksora episode). Yeoju Premium Outlet is a market which sells high end fashion brands and it is used as the set of Wonder Girls’ m/v ‘Like This’. Hollys coffee was my first destination after arriving in Seoul. This coffee shop is known as the set of Rooftop Prince :D Eventhough the prices of the coffees were so expensive but it’s worth the taste. Try their Hollyccino!<3
The last photos was taken on Dongdaemun, Seoul. It was actually the campaign of a korean beauty shop, Missha which promoted by TVXQ and BoA! I do really want to go back there to capture all the posters and campaigns infront of the shops ㅋ~

February 10, 2013

Korea: Nami Island

These photos are taken back during my sudden runaway to Korea last holiday. Love the weather though it was soooo cold until I wore 4 layers of clothers but still freezing. Anyway it was on my first day there, I was visiting Naminara Republic/Namiseom or famously known as Nami Island. This island is well-known as the set of Korean most favorite drama, Winter Sonata. The island was unbelievably beautiful. And it was also my very first time touching snow!<3

January 18, 2013

The Championship


These photos were taken back in 2012 during the futsal campionship on my school festival, Yakobus Cup.
Just found it on my flashdisk, and since I have nothing to do at home I decided to post it here. Today I don't need to go to school ^O^ because yesterday my hometown, Jakarta, was attacked by huge rainfall and the whole city turned into a river, so the school is closed and hello holidayyy!
Anyway I've decided to name my photoworks as 09 PHOTOWORK! Why 09? Actually no special reason for this name. I just love 09 and I think it's simple yet classy :-)
Enjoy your time!

December 31, 2012

"Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." ―Brad Paisley

We all have reached the last page of 2012, page 365 of 365. I find it empty. Blank. It's waiting to be filled like the other pages. What to write? Well, it's time to remember. Time to look back to the other 364 days. Have all our resolutions come true? Have we done something great? I personally think that 2012 is not my year, yet I got some unforgettable memories this year. The best days of this year were my own birthday on September 29th, 2PM concert on December 8th, and my trip to Bali in April :-)

This year also taught me to grow up and be more mature. There are so many things we can't get easily in our life, however God still gives us His amazing grace and prepare a better plan for us. So, keep being grateful for what we have got and prepare well for next year! May everyday of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family. Happy new year!!!! :-D